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I was furious with Universal Pictures for what she did with the movie Fourth Kind, always researching things not to fall for the lies of the internet. At the time the film's release, there was no information on any of the facts narrated in the film, but when my mother said that Adriano and Jessica, found that MOVIE BASED ON REAL FACTS was a fraud, I search deeper still, and I was shocked as the entertainment industry has been able to put a famous actress to give a statement that the film was based on facts and real images when it was actually fraud. I also learned that Universal Pictures has given a money an institution in the city of "Name" in Alaska as compensation. They reached create sites false to confirm the story, have created profile of the dictates psychologist Abigail, until all the rottenness came afloat. Until the groups of ufologists worldwide were outraged with the imposture of Universal Pictures. Sorry to state the movie as based on real events. But you saw that I was giving credibility to producer of movie of the most renowned the world. Who are we to believe this Earth??

According to the promotional material distributed by Universal Pictures,
movie Fourth Kind is based on interviews conducted by psychologist Abigail Tyler in Nome, a city of the state of Alaska. However Jan Mays, government official Alaska, declared that there is no person with this name licensed to work in any capacity in the state.

Ron Adler, CEO and director of the Alaska Psychiatric Institute and Denise Dillard, president of the Alaska Psychological Association, also said he had never heard of Abigail Tyler.

In their research, the newspapers Alaska Psychiatric News Archive Alaska Journal and discovered that Abigail was created by the producers a month before the film's release in theaters, including in its history the publication of several articles that were never written.
Universal Pictures has refused for a long time debating
movie Fourth Kind with the press and the people of Alaska. On November 12, 2009, the production assumed it created false stories and characters to promote the film

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